Sierra Seals, Inc. is not associated with, nor a distributor for, any of these manufacturers. Any name, brand, model or part number is for identification purpose only. Our components will fit other manufacturer's products and carries the OEM warranty.

Alfa Laval®, Ampco®, Anderson®, APV®, Bell & Gossett® Berkeley®, Boumatic®, Breddo®, Contherm®, Definox®, Delaval®, Durco®, Fristam®, G & H Products®, Goulds®, Graco®, Grundfos®, Hilge®, Ingersoll Rand®, Inoxpa®, Ivarson®, Johnson Pump®, Paco®, Silverson®, Sine Pump®, Stainless Products®, Sta-Rite®, Sudmo®, Sunset®, Surge®, Thermutator®,Toftejorg®, Top-Line®, Tuchenhagen®, Tri-Clover®, Viking Pump®, VNE®, Votator®, Worthington®, Wright Pump®, Waukesha Cherry-Burrell® are trademarks/trade names of their respective parent company. Sierra Seals, Inc. is not associated with, nor distributes for, any of these OEM's.

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